Preethi Zodiac 2.0 750-Watt Mixer Grinder with 4 Jars (Black)- MG235    

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Product Name :Preethi Zodiac 2.0 750-Watt Mixer Grinder with 4 Jars (Black)- MG235

Product Description:

* India's No 1 Mixer-Grinder Brand(as per Francis Kanoi), * Material: ABS Plastic * Enrich+ Precision grinding menus for better food absorption and enhanced bio-availability of nutrients * Calculative Rotation Control: The Preethi Perfect Formula designed by expert chefs, nutritionists and engineers for best grinding performance. * Precision Grinding Menus for coconut chutney, idli/dosa batter, puree and atta kneading * Fresh optimum grinding: enhances bio-availability of essential oils and nutrients, and releases better aromatic flavours * Consistent grinding: ensures everyone can prepare chutney, batter, puree and dough with the pre-set menus, with the same taste and nutrition * Even grinding: optimum particle size distribution for better food binding * Master Chef + Jar for food processing capabilities: Atta Kneading in 1 min, Chopping in just 2 pulses, Grating and Thick & Thin slicing in seconds, Meat mincing in minutes and Citrus Press * 3-In-1 Insta fresh Fruit Juicer Jar – Centrifugal juicing for instant juice, Super Extraction for coconut and tamarind extraction and Blending * 750W Vega W5 Motor that can grind turmeric in just 2 min

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